Graduate / Undergraduate Students

Ben Gould

Ben Gould is a is a graduate student in Public Policy and Environmental Engineering at UC Berkeley. His research interests include data visualization, transportation & land use planning, and environmental policy. He works on analytic and geospatial data underlying CCN tools.

Michael Claassen

Michael is a Mechanical Engineer at USS POSCO in Pittsburg, CA. His area of focus is understanding energy consumption and efficiency in industrial plants. He is developing international datasets for the CoolClimate Calculator.

Noelle Marie Forougi

Noelle Forougi is an undergraduate student studying Economics and minoring in Public Policy and UC Berkeley. Her interests include environmental policy, behavioral economics, and data visualization. At CCN, she is part of the team working on statistical analysis to create CoolClimate maps.

Visiting Scholars

Diana Ivanova

Diana Ivanova is a Ph.D. Candidate at the Industrial Ecology Programme at NTNU. Her research interests focus on environmental consequences of household consumption and lifestyles, and potential impact mitigation strategies. She is co-developing European models of consumption-based GHG inventories.

Gibran Vita

Gibran Vita is a researcher in Industrial Ecology at NTNU, Norway. His focus is on understanding the interplay among natural resources, money and well-being through Multiregional Input-Output models (MRIOs). He is co-developing European models of consumption-based GHG inventories.

Past Staff (3)

Mia Yamauchi, Betsy Phillips, Sophia Aston

Past Graduate Students (15)

Nicklas Lollo, Aditya Khandekar, Josiah Johnston, Jan Porvaznik, Monica Testa, Robert Mehra, Rebekah Shirley, Anders Nilsson, Joseph Kantenbacher, Gang He, Hazel Onsrud, Won Young Park, Kate Foreman, Sally Maki, Michael Hajjar, Anita Milman, Jeremy Eddy

Past Undergraduate Students (36)

Sandy Yip, Steven Chen, Beau Ryck, Winnie Chan, Sandy Yip, Kamini Iyer, Jason Khoe (lead programmer, CoolCalifornia Challenge), Ciaran Roberts, David Suh, Kelley Doyle, Alan Miller, Steven Nagy, Lydia Chang, Atheana Fulgencio, Chun Man Chow, Rosanna Neuhausler, Michelle Change, Rachel Bubb, Crystal Sun, Kathryn Lie, Katy Nomura, Dominic Molinari, Varun Mehra (UCLA), Kamyar Kaviani (lead programmer, CoolClimate Calculator, API), Bernadette Le, Anurag Shyamala, Hieu Pham, Steve Wang, Sophia Ashton, Betsy Phillips, Mia Yamauchi, Christina Oatfield, Seung-Hyun Rhee, Kimberly Lam, Kayla Nahi (high school), Karl Schmidt (high school)